Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Daily Show Prep - Wednesday November 9, 2016


  1. Hillary won the popular vote??????? Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in Washington DC 260,233 to 11,553..... That is a win of 248,610 votes. You have to ask yourself two questions; 1st.....who is in Washington DC????..... How many are politicians and those who work for politicians??????? Washington DC sent a loud and clear message they wanted no part of Donald Trump in Washington. To be that lopsided, it had to be the votes of both Democrats and Republicans.......2nd question???? Do you consider the people in Washington DC the politicians or the populace??????...... Washington gave Hillary a 248,610 vote lead as the rest of the country's votes were counted........Hillary is not winning the popular vote by 248,610...... Outside of Washington DC.....Donald Trump is winning the popular vote by 28,848.......Hillary won the politicians vote...........She did not win the populaces vote.

    1. The people inside DC are almost entirely Democrats. A combination of Democrat politicians, Democrat operatives, and Democrat workers, along with a whole bunch of welfare recipients. Ironically, the seat of our federal government looks nothing like the country it represents.