Monday, July 24, 2017

Daily Show Prep - Monday July 24, 2017


  1. Good to see Daily Caller report on the FBI seizing hard drives from Imran Awan. No mention of the Blackberries, which were used to sync to the Congressional laptops and which is how Huma and Weiner had all the Hillary emails. And still to this day with the Awans' IT clearance, they sync all those Congressional laptops and Blackberries, thus exposing national security and political secrets to the highest bidder and to Pakistan ISI. - Lee

  2. A deeper Awan - Weiner connection. While Anthony Weiner was in Congress with his "trusted IT staff" the Awan brothers, Weiner's brother Michael was CEO of Biophan, who made a huge technology acquisition from Nanoset Technologies. The Awans were officers in Nanoset Technologies, a government contractor that sells IT equipment to the government while they were IT staffers for House Democrats. Another huge pay-for-play scandal there as well.

  3. Clinton Foundation activities & strategies, pay-for-play, Awan brothers spying, trafficking drugs, white phosphorus & depleted uranium weapons, and money laundering. And cover-ups in high places (FBI & Crowdstrike).

    Good summary!