Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Daily Show Prep - Tuesday July 14, 2020


  1. Thanks Phil for everything that you do every day, I enjoyed listening to your show while I’m on the road and I learned so many things. One thing I did not learn over the last few days is the name of the sinus medication you’re getting at Walgreen. My wife and I suffered terribly since we moved to Tennessee. Once again thanks for everything you and Johnny do keep on Truckin
    Thanks TJ

    1. You have to do the Pseudoephedrine 12 or 24 hr that requires your license to make sure you don't make meth out of it. I take the sudephedrine store brand and combine with generic Benadryl at bedtime. In daytime I combine with Chlortrimatron (so?)

      But hands down your best friend should be a netipot (sinus buday). it will remind you when your bratty bigger cousin was trying to drown you in the public swimming pool but hands down the best relief I found in almost 20 years of being a professional allergy patient. I did the shots to the point where I was self-injecting. Did three rounds until I found out low and behold your body changes every 7 years.

      The other thing to try is a food sensitivities test. Try to do a detox while you cleanse yourself of things like gluten and other foods that you might be sensitive to and you don't realize. When you gradually add one in a day you will find out my body doesn't like corn. I've barely had symptoms of allergies other than a brief little one or two week. In the spring and again in the summer since doing that